Smartphone App Business

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Smartphone App Business

Hey there everybody. How have you all been? Good I hope. How are all your business ventures and efforts coming along? I hope you are starting to see progress and the information contained within this blog is proving useful in your endeavours. Today I am going to talk about smartphone apps and tablet apps. Apps are essential for running an efficient business in this day of age. If you have not already furnished your staff with smartphones to on which to run their apps you really need to get on the case. Get over to to get the best bargains online and get them kitted out with a suitable device. But who makes these apps in the first place? They don’t just grow on trees, do they? Somebody has to come up with the idea, have the app developed, market it and ultimately profit from it. So why couldn’t that be you and your business? In this blog post I am going to look at smartphone app development as a business model and source huge profit. Read more

Run a Home Travel Business

28/05/2016 Main

Welcome back to the blog ladies and gents. In this post I am going to be talking about a great business model you can run from your dining room table; a home based travel agency. More and more people are entering the industry as the demand for travel and package holidays increases dramatically year on year. So why not cash in on this unprecedented level of demand and enjoy the freedom of working from your own home, or even be location independent! Read more

The Importance of Branding

15/05/2016 Main

Every business needs an effective brand. It is absolutely essential if you want your business to be a success. Your brand separates you from your competitors and creates credibility in the eyes of your clients. It makes people want to do business with you, invest in you and tell others about you. Without the positive perception of a business that branding creates, the business cannot survive. Read more

DIY ecommerce

03/05/2016 Main

Hi everybody. Today I am going to blog about ecommerce and how you, as an individual, can use it to your advantage, in a DIY fashion! Read more

Management continued

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Hi everyone welcome back to my blog. So in last month’s edition I started to talk about management and what skills are required to manage effectively. I received a lot of great feedback from you guys about some of the points I mentioned so I thought I would develop on from them further in my next post. Read more


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Hey guys Horatio here! How are you all? I am doing pretty well, very busy week though!! Read more

Tips to create a startup

09/02/2016 Main
After talking about litso in my last article, this new platform to help young entrepreneurs, I would like today to give you some tips to create your startup.
Create a startup requires a huge work and there are a lot of things that it is better know before, and I'll try to help you as best as possible.
if you want more informations or more help to create a startup, there are agencies for entrepreneurship like
1st challenge: the first version of your idea will probably not work

When you confront your idea (your business model, your value proposition) to reality, to the potential customers, you'll probably realize that it doesn't work. Customers don't buy but this does not mean that your idea is bad, or that you can't implement your project. Quite simply, it is rare that the initial idea works the first time.
You still need to stay upbeat but in front of a customer, you must stay modest. Because it is he who knows what he needs and what he wishes to buy. Is one of the effective methods to test assumptions with customers as soon as possible, before starting operations and expenditure of cash.
2nd challenge: you'll be frustrated by some customers

You will be happy and relieved to sign with your first customers. But the trouble begins at the moment when you have customers. You will need to attach to satisfy, but without necessarily accede to all their requests... Because client applications are often conflicting with those of another. How to identify what is a market need for a specific customer need? You will need to make common sense and evidence of authority to make clients understand your position.
3rd challenge: success is rarely immediate

Except extraordinary luck, be willing to work days and nights for years to conduct your startup on the road to success. You will have to overcome many obstacles: money problems, technical problems, customers, competition, moral reaction of employees,... But never give up. Success is at the end of the road. Between failure and success there is often only a small space of perseverance
4th challenge : create a team
It starts with finding yours associates, your first colleagues and co-founders : they must ne compatible with you and complementary but accepting that you keep the control of your project. This requires more time tan you think. Then it will be necessary to maintain the cohesion and motivation of this core team during the most difficulting times.
Then you recruit motivated employees who accept your project. Of course there will be hires, resignations and layoffs who will more painful than the size of the company is small. Create a good team is one of the most important thing, it's like the DNA of your company so you can't make errors if you want succes.

Read more


A new platform : Litsö

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HI !! Read more

Be the Envy of Your Mates with a Pool Table

26/01/2016 Main

Hello guys, it’s Horatio once more. Apologies for the lack of action for a while, you know how it is, Christmas vacations and all that jazz! Had a very good festive period though. Lots of champagne and talks about how we are going to make this year one of the best yet with our businesses. This entry is a little different though however because one of my colleagues/friends received a gift that made me rather jealous indeed. A Pool table! One of those big American style ones with the huge pockets. I used to play a fair bit when I was younger but just don’t have the time now, but would be nice to come home on the odd occasion and relax whilst hitting some pool balls! Read more

British businesses and e-commerce

01/12/2015 Main

British businesses and e-commerce Read more

Commerce buys good Campervans!

27/11/2015 Main

Hello again. This entry is a little off-topic but I've recently purchased an amazing new VW Campervan, and thought it apt to write a little bit about campervans and touring the UK and Ireland. It doesn’t sound exciting to a lot of people but there are some amazing holidays to be had in the UK and Ireland, touring around in your campervan. Great for couples (who get along very well) who want to go and see the Great British Isles and the Republic of Ireland. Campervans can be relatively cheap (not mine though), just make sure they are looked after properly, and if you aren’t a bit of a mechanic then get yourself some good breakdown cover, as you don’t want to be stuck in rural Ireland on the side of the road! Can be quite remote there in places and there aren’t too many mechanics knocking around that would be willing to help. It can be part of the fun though…. Not! Read more

Alibaba Group

13/11/2015 Main

Greetings. Hope I still have some readers after the last entry. I’m a bit of a marmite character if I’m honest. Love me or hate me, I don’t care. Read more

Passion for Commerce

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Hello to each and every one of you. My first entry of my new blog will talk about how and why I have acquired a passion for big business and commerce. Since I was a small boy I have always been a little obsessed with money, and that obsession seems to grow year by year. Some people say that I am bred from capitalism and that I am a victim of that. To which I say “What champagne do you drink” and they reply “Asti”, har-har. I understand life is not all about money, but I am pretty sure that 99.99% of it is. They say people who have less, want less and need less and are therefore appreciative of more in life. But they didn’t drive my uncles Ferrari at 17. Those kinds of things made me hungry, and watching my uncle work hard for what he has, inspires me to work hard myself. I will not sit on my backside and wait for things to happen for me, oh no. Read more


Good Morning

01/11/2015 Main

Good morning ladies and gentlemen. My name is Horatio and I am welcoming you to my new blog, which is all about business and commerce. I love money, plain and simply, which has driven me to start writing about it. I aim to converse with like-minded opportunists and entrepreneurs, so please feel free to comment or message me. Read more